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Saturday, August 12, 2023 at 2:54:45 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Whether we admit it or not, America is in a recession! With not only the food and gas prices rising, but everything we buy in everyday life has insanely price rocketed.

People in America have been struggling to make ends meet due to this price hike, some even working 3 jobs just to sustain themselves.

Help is not available as the income requirement are surpassed although not taking into consideration the change in the economy. One mother of 3 explained to us how she had to get a 3rd job as her food stamps were cut from $500 a month to only $70 a month. Not even enough to buy for 3 days in a household of 4. The reason for her cut was that she makes more income than allowed. 

However, the income ratio they use is outdated. As the prices of food and everything we purchase daily have gone up.

This is why many adults are using a new trend to make extra income.

A new adult flirting app has emerged, allowing adults the opportunity to not only meet new flirting partners but also make extra cash while doing so. has become the go-to app if you want to just flirt, or flirt while making extra cash!

The app has a subscription feature that allows fans of a flirter to subscribe to their page and view all posts without having to pay for each post view. 

Flirters on make extra income with subscriptions and post, and also can make income with live streams.

As many have already jumped to this new trend, is becoming the balance of meeting new people and making extra income. 

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