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Thursday, August 10, 2023 at 6:11:31 PM Eastern Daylight Time

TWIZTD CLOTHING CO.® is indeed the new wave for all generations who love to express themselves! 

The new clothing company has a unique style that will appeal to all generations. With styles that appeal to both male and females, the creative work that goes into the clothing line is beyond incredible! 

"I have never seen a clothing line who pays attention to what people want until now! TWIZTD CLOTHING CO.® Stepped out of the box and delivered without fear." -FASHION MAGAZINE

TWIZTD CLOTHING CO.® Has officially released their introductory collection ranging from shirts, hats & hoodies! The company has more collections being released soon such as their Fall & Winter Collection, Special Edition Collection, and Summer Wave Collection. The Summer Wave Collection will be released for next summer 2023 since they have just released their Introductory Collection this summer of 2022.

Only months since the release and TWIZTD CLOTHING CO.® is already creating a buzz and gaining alot of attention from the younger generation through social media outlets such as Instagram and TikTok!

To learn more about TWIZTD CLOTHING CO.® and buy their Introductory Collection visit their online store at

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