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Friday, January 21, 2022 at 7:55:31 PM Eastern Standard Time

Top executives of big Korean companies have expressed the interest to the concept of Health-Wealth blockchain platform embedded into AR/ VR hardware, which is supposed to accelerate the mass adoption of Metaverse-related products.

By: Metabook consortium

MIAMI - Jan. 21, 2022  -- This week, Bruce Jeong, CCO of Miami-rooted Metabook, was presenting influencer-driven Health-Wealth Metaverse, at ESG Korea Metaverse Forum, and Virtual Assets Conference.

How partnership of Smart Cities operators, Metabook influencer-driven Sharing Economy and companies like Samsung is accelerating Metaverse adoption.

Korean government promised to spend $465 mln on accelerating metaverse. Government  stables distribution of profits, as a key factor.
NFT will be an essential basis for profit sharing.

CEO CJ Olive Networks, emphasized the need to establish a stable cloud-based environment for the implementation of realistic metaverse platforms, along with high-speed networks.

By splitting the resources with Smart Cities developers, that process could be more cost-effective one. Metabook picks NFT/ VR/ AR specialists, for building deeper relationships with, and sharing the outcomes from NFTs, as well as from promotion / distribution of innovations, to be consumed by the pioneers of Metaverses and Smart Cities.

One of the underrated aspects of smart cities is how they can assist the growing elderly population. According to WHO, there are going to be around 1,6 people aged 60 and above, in 2030. So, smart cities can incorporate the latest technologies in their healthcare services, to meet this demand.

Healthtech/ longevity is trending now because of the interest of 80% of population to health issues. Billionaires, like founders of Moderna, Amazon, Coinbase, Xsolla and other fast-growing companies have expressed the interest toward the Rating of Healthspan innovations. First such Rating will be produced at Lifetime Award for healthspan innovations, this Spring.  Big stake of number one company in this Rating, Transhumangene, immediately was acquired by Metabook.

Metabook Reputation platform selects Gatekeepers of Trade Union, to share 90% of revenues with creators and influencers. Revenues from emissions of influencers-backed and LifetimeAward-linked NFTs, and from a global agent system, aimed at mass adoption of cost-effective innovations.

One of the members of Board of Gatekeepers, Dr. Robert Goldman has been given the #1 spot besting Elon Musk on the  Metabook's top 30 list for Social Humanitarian Impact. Top influencers from his network have 800, in total!

Influencers are the crucial element of mass adoption of NFT and Metaverse.

Bruce Jeong, Metabook Chief Officer: "Metabook is to coordinate the efforts of governmental agencies and top Metaverse players, in creating a fair international trading and educational platform"

Bruce Jeong is The SMART CITY top expert, created in collaboration with Samsung

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