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Wednesday, January 26, 2022 at 9:16:42 PM Eastern Standard Time

We all have already heard about Cryptocurrency and how it will take over the dollar. We all also have those "Crypto Experts" within our friends and family telling us how great Cryptocurrency is and how we should start investing in it. 

I've had my share of a few people telling me that I should invest into Cryptocurrency. 

So, just like any curios person, I did my research online all bout Cryptocurrency and if its even worth investing in it. While they are so many information online and so many websites, I came to the conclusion that investing in Cryptocurrency is actually not a bad idea after all. 

While there are many platforms that offer Cryptocurrency investments, I was surprised to find out that I already had that tool on the palm of my hand all along without even knowing! If you already use Venmo, you can actually invest into buying Cryptocurrency right from the Venmo app. Once I found this feature on my Venmo app, I invested into Bitcoin, Litecoin and other smaller currencies., In less than a month, I had doubled my Bitcoin investment, in 3 months I made 5 times what I invested. Then, one morning it all went downhill, my 5 time profit, shrunk into a 3 time profit. Even thought I was upset because of the drop of value, I still made 3 times more than my initial investment! Therefore, I decided to sell my Bitcoins and cash out on the profits. 

This was so unreal that in 3 months I made triple the amount I invested, I since have been investing more into Cryptocurrency due to how easy it is to do so!